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Burglar in Bedroom Fucks Wife like a Sex Doll

Late one night we were sleeping soundly when I was startled by a noise in our bedroom.

Turning on the light I was surprised to see a strange man beside my bed.

He was holding a gun. Burglar! Fuck, I had no idea that our house could once be of interest for such guys! He appeared to be very muscular in a tight black t-shirt and black jeans.

But what's most amazing in this guy - his bulge on his pants! It was just huge! He spoke. He said his name was Dick and that we were going to have some fun tonight. I didn't realize what he meant by "We". My wife woke up as well. Sabrina and I were terrified.

Dick ordered us to get out of bed. I felt very perplexed standing there naked but there was nothing I could do. Sabrina trembled and asked the man what he wanted.

Dick walked over to her and pulled a knife from his pocket.

wife fucked, sex affair, cheating wife, burglar sex, wife rape, sex neighbour, burglar, intruder, penetrate,I think a shock just sent a shiver down my back! Still pointing the gun at me, he started removing my wife's nightie deftly. It fell to the floor exposing her wonderfully firm boobs with big round circles on nipple, flat belly and nicely rounded ass. Then her panties fell down on the floor too. Sabrina's pubic hair was neatly shaved, and Dick stood back to admire her. I wanted to protect my wife but felt helpless.

I could have got shot by this pervert, so I prayed God for help. Dick was holding a gun, besides he looked too strong to fight with. He said we had to do one work. He walked behind my wife, reached out his free hand and began to caress my wife's round ass. She trembled.

Then he stepped closer, shoved his hand under her armpit and placed his palm right on her right boob. I saw his hand cupped my wife's tit and started playing with her nipple. I watched as his hand moved downwards slowly, tracing her nice belly and reached her pubis, and in a few second his hand was buried in her crotch, nursing her pussy lips with his fingers. Sabrina had closed her eyes when this all began and I swear I heard her let out a tiny moan when this bustard began nursing her pussy.

After a few minutes of this teasing Dick said "I think I need to have your attention" then sat on the bed, put Sabrina over his knee and started to spank her ass hard. I could see her ass skin became all red. With that Dick told my wife to get down on all fours in front of him on the edge of the bed. Still shocked and unable to understand what was going on, Sabrina did as he said.

Even though I was frightened, I couldn't take my eyes from my naked wife in such a vulnerable position. I thought Sabrina was scared too because she was kneeling like a zombie with her eyes opened wide. She was staring at Dick. He unzipped his pants and exposed the biggest cock I had ever seen. Even semi hard, it was at least 5 inches long! He pleasantly and tenderly rubbed his big monster covered with fat veins and topped with huge purple head. Stepping closer to Sabrina, Dick ordered her to take him into her mouth! Although Sabrina had rarely given me head, now she complied. Even though I was scared, the sight of my wife's mouth and tongue moving sensuously up and down this huge shaft excited me a bit.

I could feel betraying bulge down there. Receiving a good blow job from my wife, Dick apparently noticed my growing cock and motioned me to get behind Sabrina.

She had never allowed me to try this position before, only missionary, but sure in such a situation she was unable to do anything or protest. Moreover she was not able to even speak with such a huge sausage in her mouth. As I placed my hands on Sabrina's round poking out arse, and entered her pussy I noticed that she was quite wet. Was she turned on by this animal act?

I hoped she was not, but facts refused all of my suggestions. Dick told me to push harder and with each stroke I forced Sabrina's mouth deeper onto Dick's cock.
I proceeded fucking her with such a pace until she was almost deep throating his organ. In a few minutes I came, but Dick was still good. Removing his still throbbing cock from Sabrina's mouth, Dick told her to be quiet and not to move. My wife complied. I could see her standing in such a nasty way, with her big tits swaying back and forth because of her heavy breathing. Dick commanded me to swap places with him. He walked by Sabrina's side, grabbed her tits underneath and rubbed her nipples. This caused Sabrina to moan, but amazingly it made her nipples harder. Then he moved around to Sabrina's exposed pussy, and when my wife objected he slapped her ass and ordered: "Shut up, you slut, you're going to love this. Now suck on your husband's dick!" Without further protest, Sabrina took my limp cock her mouth while Dick entered her from behind. The sight of a stranger pushing his enormous cock into my frigid wife again and again was exciting to me. I could actually hear Dick's giant balls slapping against Sabrina's ass. The sight if his cock fucking my wife and awareness of my wife knowing cock sucking skills helped get a new hard on. Deep in a secretly place of my mind I started thinking it was all exciting me. As far as I remembered, she rarely gave me chance to fuck her the way I want during our life. A missionary sex once in a week was enough for my wife. Now here she was sucking off me while being banged by a complete stranger, and I could swears eh was loving it.

It was only after a few minutes when I realized Sabrina was shuddering with multiple orgasms. The huge cock, glistening with her juices, kept sliding in and out. This caused me to lose my load into her mouth, and my wife swallowed every drop. Dick continued to fuck her while fingering Sabrina’s clit. Since he hadn’t cum yet, he told me to fondle her bouncing boobs. He pointed his gun at me and said:

“Don’t be gentle, this slut likes it rough!” he commanded and continued to thrust deep. I couldn’t believe it, but when I squeezed and rubbed my wife’s swaying boobs, I sensed she was cumming again. At this moment Dick moaned and said he was gonna cum! He pulled out instantly, dropped my wife on her knees, pointed his gun at her head and aimed his cock at her face! “Facial” flitted across my mind. Too late to do anything, after a few hard strokes he erupted a huge load all over her face! Spurt after spurt, heavy shot fell on her face, leaking down her cheeks, lisp and chin.

When he was done, Dick decided to own my wife again and now I was not allowed to participate. So, he took out some rope from his bag, tied me up and set me in a chair in the corner. I couldn’t move but I was facing the bed, so I was expected to enjoy the view. Despite he was done for now, Sabrina was compelled to satisfy Dick’s every wish. Any wishes.

He started from fondling, kneading, kissing and sucking on her tits. Her boobies were swollen, and her nipples were longer and harder than I had ever seen. In fact, she actually seemed to enjoy it when Dick climbed on top of her and put his monster rod between her tits and started fucking her breast. Then she grabbed his cock in one hand, squeezed his cock from base to tip and licked all last drops. Next, Dick went down on her crotch with his tongue, caressing her labia and clit until she came yet again. Watching Sabrina writhe with pleasure while another man’s tongue fucked her clit got me excited anew. My cock needed attention, it was painfully erect! Dick sent Sabrina to my chair to jerk me off. She got on all fours before and gave me my first hand job ever with her ass facing him. Her face was flushed and her bare pussy was glistening. Dick approached her from behind, settled himself at her ass and began flicking her clit. He gave spit on her cunt, and explored her pussy tenderly. Overexcited, my wife stopped jacking me off and started sucking on my cock! In a while my poor throbbing rod shot a load right down her throat!

Deep Penetration Juicy wet cuntAfter this short episode Dick was ready to go again. Telling Sabrina to stroke and caress his cock and balls he had a new hard on. This guy seemed to be insatiable! Then, Dick forced my wife in several positions we had never fucked before. I saw Sabrina bent and impaled, thrown on the edge of the bed and standing on her feet. I watched as she had several more orgasms. The last was when Sabrina was riding his cock, and he slid in and out his huge cock in her dripping wet cunt. When Dick came, he made my wife stroke his cock and again covered her face with huge amount of his jizz. Then he made her swallow every drop and suck his rod clean.

Afterwards Sabrina practically collapsed on the bed. Having been fucked by a real insatiable stud, for the past 4 hours, she was totally exhausted and couldn’t move a muscle. As the morning was on the day, Dick tied Sabrina on the bed and prepared to leave. Before departing, he fucked my wife tied on the bed, spreading her swollen lips with his fat cock. She didn’t protest, her cunt was accustomed to his big size and finally he showered her with his semen all around. Dick gave her a good bye kiss, winked at me, packed his things and left the room.

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