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After a very long exhausting day of classes I entered our apartment and crashed on the couch falling asleep feeling dead as a door nail. I remembered waking up tied to my bed in a spread out "X". I tried screaming but it came out muffled. That's when Master walked in with a devious look on his face.

I saw a remote in his hand and as if reading my mind I heard a button click. A sudden jolt of intense pleasure raced across my body. I heard another small click and lurched my head back lifting my body off the bed as the vibrations intensified. "My my kitten, you were tired." he sneered as he sat on the bed next to me and ran his fingers down my cheek…my neck…my breasts…I shuddered as his fingers brushed my sensitive tits, wondering when I even got naked. I stared at him pleadingly for more pleasure. The last thing I saw was his smirk before he blindfolded me. That's about when I panic the most; not being able to see…having absolutely no control. Yet as the panic rushed over, I could feel my pussy become wetter, having lost all control.

"You are such a slut" He mocked speeding the vibrator up with another click. He slowly started to remove the vibrator. I whined and moaned as he laughed. "You filthy whore you'll take anything you can get." He slammed the vibrator back in. It didn't take long after that to hit my first orgasm. Just as I was about to hit my second he removed the vibrator and replaced it in my ass on the lowest setting. A wave of discomfort washed over me, I'd never quite got used to the feeling of anal sex. I felt his weight shift on the bed and soon new sensations started as his tongue flicked across my clit, (he loves licking young pussy) I moaned softly which was swiftly followed by a stinging pain across my breasts. Which I soon recognized as Master's leather whip.

"Not a sound my little slut." I felt him smile as he continued ravaging my dripping wet pussy. I was ready to cum again and as if on cue… "By the way, you filthy whore, no cumming until I say so, or you shall be punished further." I whined, which just earned me another two whippings. I bit down on the gag each time as the pain struck and melted back into pleasure.

I fought my every urge and instinct to orgasm as Master's tongue hit all the right spots. Just as I couldn't hold out any longer. I heard the most gracious blessing "Cum, kitty-chan". Sweet relief flooded over my body all at once, a moan escaped my lips as the aftershock of the orgasm shook my body which landed me with four more whippings to my breasts.

"dick horn fingering sluts pussy sucking titsShame, shame kitten." He whispered in my ear trailing his lips down my neck. He pulled the vibrator out of my ass and I soon felt the release of both my arms and legs. I sat up and reached to pull the blindfold off. I lurched forward as the leather made contact with my back. A sharp pain formed in my skull as Master's fingers wrapped in my hair; I stumbled as he almost dragged me across the room. Soon my wrists were fastened so high above my head I was on my tiptoes. My face smashed against the door. He undid the ball gag and removed it from my mouth. I felt his lips on the back of my neck and shoulders.

"Now kitten, I told you to make no sounds, correct?" he growled. "Yes, Sir." I piped up. "And did you have permission to remove any of my toys without correctly identifying the safe word?" he growled again. I shook my head and received a strong, sharp blow to my back. "What, you cunt?" "No, Master-Dick" I murmured. "You will count off every lashing, loudly, and without mistake, should I not hear you or should you make a mistake I will start over, understand you dirty slut?" he asked angrily. "Yes Master-Dick."

I counted each hit loudly and precisely for the first ten in which I stuttered. He, true to his word, started the punishment over. I kept count perfectly that time, but I knew he took pity on me as I got quieter as he approached twenty, when he stopped. He again released my wrists and I fell back into his arms, my toes searing with pain. "You may remove the blindfold, kitty-chan." He whispered in my ear and then picked me up bridal style.

I snuggled against his chest, completely tired. He lay me on the bed and kissed me softly before wrapping me in his arms. "Did my little kitty learn her lesson to always obey her Master?" He asked nuzzling my neck. I nodded and yawned but realized I had given him no actual pleasure today. When I told him, he explained it was perfectly okay, but I would not accept that.

He lay on his back after much pleading. I undid his pants and pulled his perfect, large cock out of his pants. I straddled him and watched the look of pleasure sweep across his face as my pussy slid down his cock. I rode him hard and fast right off, just the way he likes it as he grasped at my bouncing breasts; I was moaning almost screaming as I started to reach my orgasm; I started to slow down and squealed with delight as Master dug his fingers into my hips and forced me to keep pace through my orgasm. Moments later I felt the overwhelming rush of his wonderful cock exploding its warm sticky seed deep in my pussy. I soon collapsed on his chest; his cock still buried in my pussy and fell asleep to the soft gentle words:

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"Good night my beautiful kitten, I love you…."

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Angelica is so excited to be spending the long weekend with Uncle as he always has such fun plans for them, however, this time is going to be different.

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