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"You have a nasty flu strain that just hit town," she said. "It causes severe stomach cramps. If you can find something to take your mind off the pain it'll pass faster."

Come to think of it, I hadn't noticed the pain since she had bent over. Uh-oh, Mr. Wiggly was showing himself again, and the pleasurable friction against my gown had distracted me from the cramps.

The nurse looked down. "Mmm...maybe there *is* a way to take your mind off it..." She got up, headed to the other side of the bed, and pulled the privacy curtain all around the area, cutting off the rest of the ward from what was occurring. Turning back to me, she unfastened the top buttons of her tight blouse, showing even more of her bodacious ta-tas. Mr. Wiggly also showed himself again, now standing at full (seven inch) attention as if the national anthem was being played. Pulling up my gown, she raised her eyebrows at my obvious appreciation of her charms. "Nice..." she sighed, lowering her mouth to my member.

I couldn't believe how warm her mouth was as it surrounded my cock, sucking, nibbling, up and down. I closed my eyes, rapt in the moment. I couldn't believe this was happening. Thank you Lord, I thought.

After a wonderful few minutes she suddenly removed her mouth. COLD, my mind yelped, as her saliva started drying on my member. I looked up. She had pulled up her skirt (no panties!) and was climbing up on the gurney.

"I've got to have that in me," she said, a lusty look in her eye. She straddled my lap, facing me, and reached down to secure her new little friend. I laid back, wondering what I had done in life to deserve the exquisite feeling of her hot hole slowly surrounding my penis as she settled into place. "Mmm", she purred.

Reaching back to brace herself with the back bars of the gurney, she rose up and then down, slowly at first, then increasing in speed. After a bit of this she leaned forward to whisper in my ear, "Be sure to let me know when you're going to cum. This is a really dangerous time of the month for me."

Gulp. I didn't want to get her "into trouble", so I had no problem with that, although a small part of me liked the idea of impregnating this flawless beauty, to merge my genes with her perfect being. No no no! I would definitely let her know. Sigh.

Leaning back, she unbuttoned more of her blouse, letting her beautiful boobies spill out. Jesus! I couldn't believe how round they were, with light brown areolae encompassing small, stiff, pointed nipples. If I could have sat up I would have buried myself in them, but as it was I just laid back, both witness and participant in the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my life. Minutes passed. Her boobs were bouncing up and down in time with her increased tempo and her eyes were closed now. Her breathing was getting heavier and I was thrilled that I might be able to give this goddess the orgasm she deserved.

Then I realized that the familiar tingle was beginning in my loins. I was getting close, but she was too! I had to hold out! Gritting my teeth, I tried to think about anything but what was about to happen:
- puppies (that grow into dogs; dogs go into heat and do it doggy style -- ARGH!)
- ugly women (that get plastic surgery and turn into hot babes -- ARGH!)
- baseball (a womens team, caressing long wooden bats -- ARGH!)
I wasn't going to be able to hold out! I had to tell her to get off of me before the worst happened.

"Uh...I'm gonna..." was all I got out before she quickly brought her mouth to mine and gave me the most passionate, wet, tonguey kiss in my life. Her thighs clamped around mine as she started to grunt.

"Mmmph...MMMPH!" Our muffled groans merged together, both from pleasure and my sudden panic. Her hips were moving even faster, though the up-and-down motion was shallow...she was into the short strokes!

Her pussy went nuts around my cock, milking it, demanding my liquid sacrifice. She was cumming, and HARD! I gave up, the pleasure spreading up my shaft as I spurted my pent-up seed inside her clasping cunt. Oh GOD, it felt SO GOOD to empty myself into that warm, moist tunnel! Feeling my throbbing ejaculation within her, her eyes flew open to meet mine, then closed as she renewed our tongue-wrassling with vigor. Her pussy again undulated around my shaft as multiple orgasms wracked her body. After another 30 seconds she stopped, quivering and panting heavily atop me. My stomach cramps were long gone. "Guess life's a craps shoot, huh?" she whispered. I wasn't sure if she was referring to the circumstances that brought me to her, or the possibility of new life growing within her womb. Wondering, I fell back to sleep.


The nurse dismounted the cute patient (well, a puppy-dog kind of cute, she thought), pulled her skirt down and re-buttoned her blouse. Checking his saline drip to make sure it hadn't come loose, she also checked his pulse to make sure she hadn't done anything permanent to him. It had happened before.

Speaking of permanent, she was glad she had put her diaphragm in prior to her shift. She had been so horny the last couple days due to her fertile time of the month that she thought she might slake her lust on a fly-by-night patient, and she just had. I'm sure his pleasure was enhanced by the "danger" of the coupling, she thought to herself wryly.

Walking back to the nurse's station, she felt the man's cum start to run down her thighs. Hmm, she thought, *did* I put the diaphragm in tonight, or am I thinking of yesterday's shift? Uh-oh...

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