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I just turned 18 years old and still a virgin, and with my sex life consisting of nothing more than the world of skin mags and my frequent jack off sessions while looking at the luscious tits and spread open pussies pictured in these mags; and sometimes if I was home alone using a pair of my Mom's dirty panties from her hamper to sniff of lick for extra stimulation.


I was an only child and with my Dad having died a few years earlier Mom was just being motherly and protective, and the additional attention was simply because I was the only other person in our home. But in my adolescent sex craving mind I projected this into all kinds of erotic thoughts and fantasies.


She always got ready at home before leaving for her workouts, generally dressing in the typical outfit of a sports top and tight spandex pants, which never failed to give me a hard-on. I could clearly see her nipples as the top mashed her tits against her chest and the way her ass rolled in her tight pants was a sight to behold.


I thought she looked especially sexy when she was leaving last week, got caught up in my fantasies and let my hand drop down to gently cup her butt and give her a couple of soft, gentle squeezes while pushing my hard-on against her crotch. Instead of getting the rebuke I expected she held the contact rather than breaking off, and I swear it felt like she kind of pushed back against me, before giving me a quick kiss on my lips and rushing out the door. I watched her tight buns rolling as she trotted to her friends' car and was puzzled as she turned around and blew me a kiss then waved goodbye; she had never done that before. I rushed to get my skin book to relieve my hard dick, thinking of how soft Mom's ass was and how she had pushed her pussy against my hard-on.


When she got home about 2 hours later I could tell something wasn't quite right, she seemed to be favoring her right leg and limping a little. "Hey, Mom," I asked, "something wrong?"

"Oh, I guess I just overdid it a bit with the leg presses. It feels like I might have overstretched my thigh muscle. I think I'll go soak in the tub for a bit. Help me out will ya'?"

I walked over to her and as she draped her left arm around my shoulders I wrapped my right arm around her back to support her. As my arm encircled her she leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the cheek, twisting her torso a bit and pushing her left breast against my side. When she straightened out her body shifted such that my right hand rested on the side of her right tit. I couldn't shake loose the thoughts of our earlier contact, and her non-objection, so I left my hand where it was to see how she would react.

She made no move to change our position. Rather than that she seemed to move in the other direction to bring more of her breast in contact with my hand. "Thanks, dear," she muttered, "that's much better now."

"Uh, you're welcome, Mom," was all I could say. She had me totally confused. What was much better? Me holding her up or her having her tit in my hand; in my horny 18 year old mind I preferred to think the latter, but what was that all about. "Let's get you to the tub."

As we made our way towards the bathroom I could feel her tighten her arm around my shoulders to hold me closer, again mashing her left tit against my side.  This was the first tit I had ever touched and I could not believe how soft and firm it felt, and considering that it was my Mother's made it all that more exciting. When she didn't say a word or make any move to stop my obvious fondling I continued to gently play with her as we walked. Needless to say, we got to the bathroom too quickly for me.

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She reached down, grasped the bottom of her top and in one swift motion pulled it up and off and bared her tits before my eyes. They were as round and firm as I had dreamed, and her nipples were hard and erect and sticking out like little finger tips.

"Oh God, Mom, oh God!" I panted. "Your tits are gorgeous."

"Feel them, baby," her voice had taken on a somewhat husky tone. "Feel your Mommy's tits. I want you to." She reached down and pulled my hands up and over them. "Squeeze them. Play with my nipples. I need it Davey, I need it so bad."

I didn't need her encouragement and gladly started molding the firm mounds of her tit flesh. We had moved closer to each other and were now only inches apart when she suddenly wrapped her arms around me, pulling me tightly against her. I could feel her hard nipples poking my chest through my T-shirt, and when I raised my face to look at hers she crashed her mouth against mine in a passionate kiss. I had had a little practice in kissing girls my own age, but I never imagined I would feel my Mother pressing her hot lips against mine and forcing her experienced tongue into my mouth.

I had instinctively wrapped my arms around her when Mom pulled me to her, and my hands had fallen down to cup her ass cheeks. I began squeezing them as I pressed her against me and rubbed my hard cock against the front of her panty-clad pussy. I could feel her pushing back against me and she leaned backward breaking our kiss, a long sigh escaping from her parted lips.

I bent my head down between our open upper torso's and kissed the top of her breasts and licked at the valley between them. "Yes, baby, yesss," she hissed, and reached in to lift her tit towards my mouth. "Kiss them, honey, suck on my nipples." I put my mouth around as much of her tit as I could but couldn't bend my head down far enough to suck on her nipple, so I licked at it and flicked it with my tongue.


Mom had dropped her hands to my butt and was pulling us tightly together as she ground her hips against my dick while I kissed and tongued her breasts. She took her right hand off my butt and moved it between us then plunged it down into my sweats and grabbed my cock.

"Oh, David, David, David..." she moaned, "your dick is so hard. I want your pants off too. I want to play with your cock." She dropped her tit from my mouth and used both hands to push my pants down as far as she could, then raised her foot and used it to push them down to my ankles. She reached behind her and took my hands off her ass and I could feel her squirming as she lowered her panties.

As she pushed down her panties I quickly stripped off my t-shirt so that when our bodies were together again I could fell her tits and nipples against my bare chest, then reached to circle my arms back around her waist, ready to grab her ass cheeks again. But she obviously had other ideas, for when her panties were down she parted her legs, pulled one of my hands from behind her and pulled it around her and placed it on her pussy mound.

"Here, baby, feel your Mommy's pussy. Stick your fingers up my cunt, I want you to play with me while I play with your dick."

The feeling of her moist cunt was unbelievable, her slit was wet and I could feel the stiffness of her pubic hairs as my hand rested on her mound. I simply let my hand stay as it was for a moment, cupping her with my palm and my fingers lying lengthwise towards her ass. I was totally inexperienced, but feeling the heat and slickness of her slit I started rubbing my fingers up and down between her puffy wet pussy lips until I found her hole. Mom had been jacking on my dick while I was toying with her and squeezed me hard and let out a gargled "Arrgghhh!" when I stuck my finger up inside her.


She tried to hunch herself up and down and fuck herself on my finger but gave up after a minute. She abruptly moved herself off my finger, dropped my cock and grabbed my hand. "C'mon" she said, stepping out of her panties, "let's go my bedroom."

I damn near tripped over my pants when she pulled me toward the door and hobbled and hopped behind her as I removed them on the way to her bedroom. It was made doubly difficult because I couldn't help but stare at her golden ass cheeks as they bobbled in front of me.

"Lay down," she commanded when we were next to her bed. I was still kind of foggy at the quickness of what was happening, and it felt really weird to be lying naked in the middle of my Mother's bed with my cock sticking up in the air and her standing beside me equally nude. I was amazed at the sight and let my gaze travel over her. Her breasts were perfect and stood out proudly; the areolas were about the size of half dollars and light pink, surrounded by tiny hardened little bumps and capped by erect ½" nipples. Her waist was trim and free of any flab, and centered below her delicate navel she had a full bush of glorious hair. It was slightly matted from our playtime in the bathroom and I could see small drops of her juice glistening on the ends of the hairs nearest her pussy lips.

"Mom, stop for a minute."

She looked puzzled. "Is something wrong honey? You okay?"

"Oh, Mom, I'm fine. It's just that you're so beautiful, I'd like to look at your gorgeous body for a minute."

She smiled, obviously pleased at my compliment. "So...little Davey likes his Mommy's body, huh?" she teased. "What does he like best? Is it my tits?" She cupped them from underneath and flicked her nipples with her thumbs. "Or maybe my ass?" She turned around, bent over exposing her puckered asshole and, looking backwards, wiggled her butt in small circles. She stood up, turned around and placed her foot on the bed, her wet slit a mere foot or so away from me. "Or is it his Mommy's pussy?" She ran her hands up and down through the forest of her hair and pulled the lips apart, revealing the delicate pink folds of her inner lips and the dark fuck hole nestled inside.

"Everything, Mom, I love everything," was about all I could utter after her display.

"You're sweet, baby," she leaned over and gave me a small kiss on the forehead, then slowly worked her way down my face with small stabs of her tongue until she got to my lips. She bent forward a little more, bringing her hard nipples in contact with the bare skin of my chest and licked around my lips. "Know what I like best about you?"

I was sure I knew but shook my head so as to not spoil her little teasing.

"This," she said as she reached down to grab my dick. "Do you think you can put your beautiful hard cock up my pussy and fuck your Mother?"

"Oh yeah, Mom! I know I can, and I want to. But I've never..."

"Ssshh," she stopped me. "I know honey, you're a virgin. But don't worry. Just do what you feel, and if need be I'll teach you what doesn't come natural. Okay?" she smiled down at me.

I was about to agree but didn't have a chance as she started kissing me again, while at the same time crawling on the bed and laying on top of me. She wrapped her hands around my head and pulled my lips tight against hers as she pressed her tits against me and ground her hips on me.

She broke our kiss and moved up on me a little and fed her tit into my mouth. "Suck my tits, Davey. Suck my nipples just like you did when you were a little baby." I sucked as much of her breast flesh into my mouth as I could and suckled her as I imagined a baby would do, flicking my tongue over her nipple and lightly nipping it with my teeth. "Oh yeah Baby Davey, suck your Mommy's nipples," she moaned as she rubbed herself up and down on me, leaking and spreading her cunt juice on my lower stomach.

"Oh God, Davey, I'm getting so hot. I want something to suck on too. Mommy wants to suck her baby's dick," and pulled her tit from my mouth and turned around, posing her pussy over my face. "Eat my pussy, Davey. Eat your Mothers cunt while she sucks your cock. Just lick it honey, lick it up and down and tongue fuck me. And please, don't forget my clit at the top of my slit."

The sight and smell of my Mom's cunt hovering over my face was beyond words. Her outer lips were puffed out and fleshy and surrounded by her dark bush, and her meaty inner lips protruded from between those fleshy folds. I brought my hands up to spread her open, stuck out my tongue and licked her juices from one end to the other. I must have been doing it right because she started to fuck her hips back and forth along my tongue as I enjoyed this new found delicacy. I repositioned my hands to her butt and used my thumbs to keep her vagina open, giving me the double benefit of having my hands out of the way while I ate her out and also being able to knead her soft ass cheeks at the same time.

I don't know how this made her feel, but the feelings she was giving my dick were like nothing I had ever felt. She had begun by licking up and down all sides of my shaft, seeming to concentrate more on the tender underside, while cupping and lightly squeezing my balls. After a couple of minutes I felt a new sensation as she circled the head with her soft lips and began bobbing her head up and down a couple of inches while jabbing her tongue at my piss slit and twirling it around the glans.

I wanted to be sure to give her as much pleasure, and stiffening my tongue, began jamming it in and out of her fuck hole. She obviously liked that because she all of a sudden started humping her pelvis up and down, as if she was trying to impale herself on my tongue; I had to grip her ass cheeks to hold her steady and get her under control. After a few more licks up and down her slit and a frequent jab in her hole, I moved down and sucked her clit into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue as I suckled it and nipped it lightly with my teeth. I figured I had learned the better parts of pussy eating and licked, sucked, slurped and nipped at the various parts of my Mothers tender vagina while she paid equal tribute to my dick.

She had been taking more and more of my shaft into her mouth and by now was sucking on almost the entire length of my prick. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of the combination of her warm mouth and soft lips moving up and down my dick and the almost vacuum like sucking sensations, I was certain that I could feel the soft flesh of her inner cheeks caressing the sides of my dick. I felt I would cum at any moment when she hesitated for a second at the top of my dick, but just as unexpectedly she pushed her head downward, not stopping until her face was in my pubic hairs and my entire cock was in her mouth, the head lodged in the opening of her throat. I could feel her using her throat muscles to briefly massage the head of my dick before raising her head and repeating the motion to jam the head of my cock into her mouth and suck it down her throat.

I knew I was going to cum at any second and renewed my attack on her clit with a frenzy, hoping to bring her off at the same time. Without warning my balls exploded and I started pumping streams of cum into her mouth. She didn't miss a beat and continued sucking and swallowing as I emptied my balls. Mom's pussy erupted at the same time as my cock, and as I was shooting my ropes of cum into her mouth, her cum was flowing and oozing out of her pussy. I clamped my mouth over her mound and drank down what I could but it was coming faster than I could swallow and was escaping from the corners of my mouth so I released my mouth and let her juices just dribble and drool over my face.

We laid with our faces buried in each others groin for a few minutes. I took a couple more licks at the juices covering Mom's cunt, once again savoring the taste of my first oral sex. I could have lapped at her until it was all gone, but she turned around and crawled up beside me.

"You naughty boy," she chided me. "You don't want to stop eating my pussy do you?"

"Aw, Ma," I stated to reply.

"That's okay, David, I'm just playing with you. But seriously, thank you. I haven't had an orgasm like that since your Dad died. I've masturbated and used dildos, but I haven't cum like that in years. Are you okay? I mean you just ate your Mother's pussy and she sucked your dick. You okay with that?"

"Oh yeah and yeah, I'm okay and I don't have any problem with it. I hope you don't either."

"No, I'm fine with it honey. It's what I've been needing and wanting, and your fresh cum is even more delicious than I had imagined."

"Huh", I was perplexed. "What do mean? I don't understand."

"You don't huh?" she leaned next to me and stroked her hand across my chest then drifted it down to hold my dick. "You know how sometimes, when you're beating off, you'll get a pair of my dirty panties to sniff and maybe even lick or suck on? And don't try to deny it because I know better."


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