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Horny HeadMaster Punishes SchoolGirls

Lizzy and Lucy are in school but have skipped their lesson. Their school uniform is short skirt with knee socks and white blouse shirts, both girls have their long hair in pigtails. The girls are behind a shed smoking when the teacher catches them. “Lizzy & Lucy report to the Headmasters Office NOW”.

The giggling schoolgirls are frogmarched to the Headmasters office, they are laughing and pissing around thinking it is all a joke but the Headmaster is stern and strict and will take no nonsense from naughty schoolgirls. The door knocks and the naughty girls walk in. Sir is sitting behind a big wooden desk dressed in a sharp suit. 
“Come in and sit down you naughty pair of sluts” 

Liz & Lucy are still giggling. 

“Right you two this behaviour will not be tolerated in my school, smoking is not for young girls it for women and grown ups”

“But Sir we are women” the girls said standing provocatively in front of Sir while playing with their pigtails. 

“Oh really so if that’s the case you must prove to me that you are women in order to save yourself from punishment”

“But how Sir we are such naughty girls but we don’t mean to be” 

Sir stands up and walks from his desk and sits on it right in front of the girls. Sir is a feeling horny and his mind is full of dirty thoughts about these two little sluts. He has a nice hard erection and the girls can see it as he sits on the desk.

“Ok so you want to be women not girls, I can help with that”

The girls look at each other knowing that Sir is being dirty, they both fancy him and they are flirting and so he knows it.

“Right now girls stand close to each other face to face” Sir stands up in front of them. He pushes them close together so their noses are touching. The girls are giggly and heavy breathing. They can feel their breasts touch and their legs rub against each other. “Now put your hands around each others necks” You both cup your hands around the back of your heads so you feel each others neck, your long nails stroking one another. 

“Ok now kiss each other”

Tentitively both girls lips touch for their first ever women to women kiss. Your lips lock and the soft sensual kiss turns into a long lingering snog with your tongues swapping and your lips locked in a sexual embrace. Automatically you lean into each other and the kiss get dirtier and sexier. You are rubbing and groping each other arse and your legs lock into each other thighs. Knees rub up and down getting closer to your white panties and your soft skin feels tender to the touch. 

Sir now has a massive erection, watching the 2 girls kiss for his pleasure is making his cock harder and his desires dirtier. He unzips his trousers and slips his big hard cock out standing in front of the girls who are full on kissing each other as he strokes and wanks his cock. 

“Ok now for your first taste of cock” You are both ordered to kneel down, both girls unbutton their white blouses to show their lovely breast with nice hard erect nipples. Sir guides his cock into Lucy's mouth and she starts to suck up and down on his thick shaft. Liz pulls his boxers down and starts to lick his balls while Lucy is working her mouth and tongue up and down Sirs cock taking it deep in her throat. The girls down lick up and down Sirs cock swapping tongues and sharing his helmet in their mouths. They can taste his salty cum as it seeps from his helmet, as they lick it he moans with pleasure. Both girls have their hands in their knickers playing away with their wet virgin clits. They are both soaking wet and their tight little pussyholes are dying to feel a hard cock in there. Sir grabs each of the girls head and pulls their hair forcefully as he makes them suck his bulging cock. They can feel it filling their mouths and they try not to gag as he facefucks them like a pair of little slut whores.

“Ok now your second lesson in becoming a women starts” 

“Both of you lean over the desk” 

The girls lean against his big mahogany desk and Sir goes behind each girl and pulls her knickers down to her knees. He lift up Liz's skirt and slaps her bare arse, its hard but pleasureable. She moans as he slaps her again and again. Sirs hand starts to wander and after each slap he glides it down he buttocks and brushes against her wet cunt. After 10 strokes of his he does the same with Lucy slapping her arse firmly and then sliding his down to feel her soaking wet pussy. 

“Ok for your first fuck, which one of you wants to go first?” 

Lucy puts her hand up “Please Sir fuck me I want to feel your cock, please I have been very naughty” 

With that Sir closes in behind Lucy and directs his throbbing erect cock towards her tight virgin pussy. She moans like a little bitch as his thick cock pushes its way through her pussy lips and deep inside her tight cunt. “Oooohhhhhhhhhh Sir aargghhh yes that’s nice”. Sir starts to fuck Lucy's tight little cunt hard and deep he grabs her hair and pulls her head back as his movements get harder and faster. Lucy is moaning and shouting “Fuck me please Fuck me harder, harder”. With this Liz lies back on the desk with her legs wide open she is unable to contain herself as she watched her best mate get screwed silly by the Headmaster. She plays with her clit and slips her fingers in her pussy as she watches Sir gag her friends mouth while he pumps her like mad. Sir pushes Lucy's head towards her friends pussy and pushes it into her sweet pussy. Lucy's tongue and lips can feel her friends pussy juices soak her face while she gets fucked senseless by her teacher. She licks away at her friends sweet pussy from her pussy lips to her clit. Her pussy tastes sweet and juicy as she slips her fingers into Liz's tight hole making her juice even more. 

Lucy starts to cum as Sir’s cock fills her tight virgin hole, her body contorts as the orgasm takes hold. She lets out a muffled scream as she squirts her virgin cum juice all over Sirs hard cock. The orgasm seems to last ages as she makes sure she can feel him deep inside her for as long as possible. Sir takes out his cock from her pussy its soaking wet with her juices and Lucy is all satisfied from her first fucking. 

“Right Liz you are next” 

Sir takes her to the edge of the desk and he stands in front of her open legs as she begs for his cock “Please Sir I want you hard cock now please fuck me I am a dirty little slut”. Sir pushes his big erect tool deep inside Liz's tight little pussy. “Oh My God Ohhhh Sir pleaseee fuck me”. Sir starts to pump her pussy deep, hard and fast. He takes his shirt and tie off as the sweat runs down his face. Liz is screaming and moaning and the pelvic movements get faster and rougher. Her leg is planted on Sirs shoulder as his gives this little slut a proper fucking. Lucy is kissing her friend and sucking her nipples as she watches Sirs cock slide in and out of her friends tight wet cunt. She is heavy breathing and talking filth “You love being fucked don’t you little slut you fuckin love cock” “Yes Sir I love it don’t stop fuck me harder”. With that Sir goes into overdrive and pumps Liz's little pussy with everything he has. Lucy is biting her nipples and she starts to orgasm. It takes hold of her body as she screams with delight as cum starts to flow from her pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh Sir I’m Cumming” She falls back into her friends arms as she cums like never before over the headmasters cock. 

Now its Sirs time to explode he kneels on the desk over the 2 girls and ejaculates untold amounts of hot sticky spunk all over their faces. It shoots down their noses onto their lips and drips off their chins onto their breasts. The spunk is lovely and hot and sticky and they swap it between their tongues and kiss his hot cum into each of their mouths. Sir squirts every drop and he puts his cock in their mouths so they can drain every last bit of salty cum from his balls. 

“Ok now get dressed and get back to class, I will see you girls for detention tomorrow night” He winks at them as they giggle uncontrollably knowing that tomorrow night they are in for another dirty schoolgirl fucking with the hot perverted headmaster.

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