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Fucking the Hot Secretary at my school

I walked into school late on monday morning with my usual dont give a shit look. Coach Glenn the principal glared at me and simply said "go get a tardy". I rolled my eyes at him and turned around heading for the office. I didnt mind going to the office the secretary Mrs.Hill worked in there and she was gorgeous. Fourty two years old with dirty blonde hair that fell a few inches past her shoulders she stood about 5'5 with d cup breasts and a perfect ass made Mrs.Hill every guys fantasy in my school. 

Her daughter was a senior like me and constantly heard from all the guys how they would love to fuck her mom me being one of them. I walked in the office door and threw down my bag on one of the chairs strode over to the desk and started filling out my tardy sheet. Mrs.Hill looked over and smiled and said another tardy? (She was wearing a low cut button up bluse and tight fitting shorts) I smiled back and said yea got another I only get them so I can come in and see you. She smiled and said is seeing me everyday worth another detention? I frowned as she handed me the pink detention notice. I had six tardies in a week so i had to go to detention. I mumbled under my breath as I signed the slip. She said oh dont worry detention is going to be in the office with me today. I smiled and said well then the detention is well worth it. 

She giggled and said oh you go to class. I winked at her as i turned and left the office and went to my first period class. The day went by uneventful I was actually excited to go to detention so I could see Mrs.Hill. Being a senior my day ends early so I walked into the office at 2:25 and told Mrs.Hill id wait in the office with her till detention started. She smiled and said good I need a good shoulder rub can you give me one? I smiled and said sure and got up and stood behind her as she signed a few papers and looked up some stuff on the computer. I put my hands on the top of her shoulders and began to rub. Her head fell back limply as she said that feels good oh right there thats the spot. I was getting so turned on by this I had to reach down my pants quickly to adjust myself so my cock was pressing against my pants. I glanced down to make sure my cock wasnt visible and noticed some pink fabric coming from Mrs.Hills shorts. She was wearing a pink thong and it looked wonderful. I decided to test my luck and see what Mrs.Hill would let me get away with. I freed one hand from her shoulders and started rubbing her neck,then reached my hand around her and put it down her shirt and started feeling up her left breast. She stopped breathing for a second and sternly said ok thanks clay for the shoulder rub. She then stood up and walked into the teachers lounge. Fuck. Was all i could think. 

I walked over to a chair and waited for my detention to begin. School ended and everyone in the building went home except me. I waited in the office for Mrs.Hill to return and she finally did fourty minutes later. I smiled and said damn took you long enough can I go home now? She smiled and said no your detention is just now starting. I started to protest but she put her finger to my lips and whispered in my ear. This will be the best detention you ever had. With that she pulled off her blouse revealing a black bra that looked a few sizes to small for her breasts. Then she slid off her shorts showing me that pink thong she was wearing earlier. She turned for me letting me see her gorgeous ass. She then walked over to me and took my shirt off and started undoing my belt. She pulled off my pants and boxers in one swift motion and gasped when she saw my cock. Oh my God its really big she said. Way bigger than my husbands!! She tore off her bra and thong and sat me on her desk. She grabbed my cock and asked how big it was? I replied seven and a half inches and really thick. She licked her lips then started jacking me off. She stuck out her tongue and licked my cock head a few times then lowered her head and licked my balls. She licked up the entire length of the shaft and stuck her mouth on my head slowly sliding her mouth down over my cock. She bobbed her head on my cock slowly for a few minutes then started going faster making moaning noises and loud slurping noises as she sucked my hard cock. I grabbed the back of her head and forced her all the way to the base of my cock. She gagged and coughed but kept sucking. I held her down at the base for a few seconds then let her up. 

She pulled my cock out of mouth gasping her eyes were watery. She looked at me with lust filled eyes and said fuck me please i need it so bad. I didnt need any more invitation then that. I layed her on her desk and bent down to get a taste of her. She was already soaking wet. I stuck a finger into her pussy and begin licking her clits slowly stimulating her with my tongue. She moaned loudly as i put another finger in her and finger fucked her. I pulled my fingers out and began licking inside her pussy lips. Damn she tasted good. She was moaning arching her back and said clay please fuck me now. I climbed on top of her and stuck my fingers in her mouth. She noisily sucked and licked them clean of her juices and gasped when i slid my cock deep into her tight pussy. Damn she was tight!! Her husband must be hung like a tic tac. She let out a loud moan as i drove my cock into her. I kissed her lips to keep her quite then began to lick and suck her neck while i slammed my hard cock into her harder and harder. She moaned over and over grabbing my head and latching onto my neck and chest biting and sucking and licking. She left hickies all over my neck and chest. I flipped her over and got her on all fours. I got up behind her in doggy and slammed my rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy making her gasp then moan loudly. I grabbed her hips and slammed my dick hard into her. 

She was moaning and screaming with every thrust. After fucking her doggy for a few mintues she moaned loudly and said let me ride you. I rolled onto my back and she hopped on top of me sitting on my cock and began to ride me looking down into my eyes. She leaned over me letting her tits hit my face so I began sucking each of them and licking all over them. She finally sat up and latcher her fingernails into my chest as she moaned out Im cummmminggggggggg!!!!!! I felt a rush of pussy juice wash over my dick and squirt out the sides of her pussy as she came. She was moaning and screaming my name. Finally she slumped over on me gasping for air and said its your turn. She slid off me and got on her knees. I grabbed her head and forced her down on my dick. She sucked my hard cock greedily licking the sides and sucking my nuts cleaning my entire cock of her juices. Then i began face fucking her. I grabbed the back of her head and slammed my cock into her mouth like a pussy. She was choking and gagging but kept sucking till i finally had to cum. I said O god Mrs.Hill im cummming!!! She pulled my cock out of her mouth and jacked me off. I came all over her face and in her mouth. She swallowed what was in her mouth then sucked my dick making sure she got all of our cum off it. She was still on her knees in front of me when we heard the door knob turn and in walked................her daughter Diedre..........................

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