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All of the girls in the sex education class at the Dickson School for Girls were very excited to be in class. Today, they were going to be involved in a live sex demonstration in their sexual education course. As their teacher, Mr. Nortyson, came into the classroom, he could tell the 18-year old girls in the room were all anxious to learn.

"Good morning class," he said. He looked around at the 17 girls in his class, all of whom were attractive. They were all in the school-mandated uniforms—plaid skirts, which most girls wore very short, and white button-up blouses, on which most of the girls left several buttons unmodestly unfastened.

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"Now, I'm going to need four volunteers from among you girls. Is anyone interested in participating in today's activities?" Seventeen female hands shot up at the suggestion and so, trying to avoid any disagreements, Mr. Nortyson quickly picked out four girls.

"Okay, okay. Calm down ladies. Anna, Kara, Julie, and Sarah. Come forward, ladies."

Anna, a skinny long-haired blonde girl with surprisingly large breasts for her small frame, ran up and put her arms around Mike. Kara, a tall, thin, athletic girl with long legs and a great ass threw her arms around Jason, tossing her blonde to the side and grinning. Jared was lucky enough to have Julie, a petite cheerleader with tan skin, brunette hair, and a killer body, toss her arms around his neck and give him a small kiss on the cheek. Sarah, at 5'6" with black hair and a fearless disposition, sauntered up to Steve, put her hands behind his head, and gave him a full-out kiss, pressing her tongue right into his mouth. Several of the 13 girls left at their desks gasped, and the rest looked on wide-eyed, shocked by Sarah's brazen display. For his part, Steve grabbed Sarah back, initially caught off guard, but quickly turned on by her unexpected behavior.

 In the back row, three girls had discarded their skirts and panties entirely. They had thrown their legs up over their desks and sat openly stroking their vaginas, panting, and ogling the boys' dicks.

Mr. Nortyson went on. "Digital stimulation can be very arousing as well, as, no doubt, some of the girls in this class have already discovered," Mr. Nortyson said, gesturing in the direction of the girls masturbating at their desks. He noticed that one of the girls openly masturbating in the back of the room, Monica, was rubbing at her vagina furiously, and had begun to unconsciously whimper as she panted during her masturbation. She was a 5'4" raven-haired beauty, with blue-eyes and an average-sized chest. He walked around to the back of the room and over next to her desk and continued, "As you can see, Monica is going to show us that digital stimulation, even of one's own self, can bring you to orgasm. Please finger yourself until you come, Monica." The rest of the class shifted in their seats to watch Monica at the back of the room.

Breathing heavily, Monica weakly nodded at Mr. Nortyson through her half-open eyes. Rubbing her clit furiously with her right hand and squeezing her breasts with her left, Monica looked like she was teetering on the edge of orgasm. "Come on Monica! You can do it!" her friend Erica encouraged. Erica, a Hispanic girl with a supermodel's body, was sitting right next to Monica and openly masturbating along with her, her legs up on top of her desk just like Monica.

And with a deep groan, her hand began to slow, her body shook, and her pussy throbbed. "Fuck yes!" Monica moaned. Her body convulsed. It must have gone on for 30 seconds. The whole class stared, as wet and as hard as ever. As she started to come down from her orgasm, her friends shouted their approval. "Attaway, girl!" "I knew you could do it, Mon!" "Damn that was hot!"

"That was an orgasm brought on by digital stimulation, class." Mr. Nortyson said, trying to keep the situation moderately academic. Even he, however, had grown hard from Monica's little display.

Let's move on to oral. Ok

"I'd like to have each girl to perform oral sexon my nice clean dick.  If you'd all just kneel in front of me and look up.

Please put my penis into your mouth." The horny volunteer didn't hesitate at all. Soon slurping, groaning, and moaning were audible throughout the classroom.

Mr. Nortyson was horny as hell and said "get  up on the table and we will now have full sex"

As he put his penis, pressing it right into Roxxi's bald, tight vagina with one slow push. As it dug into her, She moaned, "Fuck yes," for her classmates to hear.

He lifted her up so that she was standing, stepped around so that he was behind her, and pushed her torso down over the table so that she was standing up and bending over in front of her friends.

Twelve girls stared lustily from their desks, the visual stimulation was just too much for some of the girls. As Mr. Nortyson looked on, the two petite blonde girls in the middle row started to make themselves come. The one sitting to the right was pushing her index finger over her clit at lightning speed while groping her left breast with her other hand. She had her legs spread wide open and had kicked her legs up over her desk so that she could get her fingers to her lips with ease. With her head tossed back, her eyes closed, and her finger flying, she suddenly yelled out, "Ohhhhhh gawd. Oh gawd yes! Fuck yes!" and started coming all over her seat, juices pouring out of her. This was enough to set off her blonde friend to her left who was leaning forward on her desk. The girl on the left was leaning forward with her left arm on her desk, and her head buried against it. She had her feet spread wide but planted firmly on the floor while she rubbed at her clit. Mr. Nortyson looked on as her legs shook and her body heaved with a deep, orgasmic groan, leaking liquid onto her chair, down her legs, and even dripping some onto the floor.

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