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Lizzy is a gorgeous strawberry blonde teen with tiny tits, long slender body, and a tight little pussy. Her roommate is a bit older than her and has this boyfriend that has been dying to fuck Lizzy since the first day he met her. One morning Lizzy was in the shower and her roommate was at work. She thought the old perv left too, but nope, he barged right in on her bedroom, stark naked with a raging hardon. She was a bit freaked out by the old perv, but once she saw how well endowed he was, she couldn't say no to that cock. He soon fucks the hell out of her in several positions until he finally spurts cum all over her teenie tiny titties.

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My neighbours daughter Lizzy is the gorgeous strawberry blonde teen with tiny tits, long slender body.
She was cheeky but also a bit shy, i asked if she had a boyfriend and she replied that they bore her and she likes girls.
I asked how come , she said it was because the boys cant get her to orgasm and she wasnt sure that she sucked dick properly.
Lizzy offered me licking pussy lessons on her shaved young tight pussy, if I was to give her cock sucking lessons.
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I ran my fingers over her delectable little body stopping to untie her halter-top. As it fell away exposing her breasts, I was amazed how full and firm they were for such a young girl. My eyes fixed on her large dark nipples.
I touched them lightly with one finger, then cupped her breasts in my hands feeling their soft fullness. I leaned forward gently sucking them into my mouth.

Lizzy closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of my tongue licking, as her nipples became erect. I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it from her hips down her gorgeous legs. Her white panties were snug on her rear end. Her tiny firm ass was so cute being held by the skintight material. Young Lizzy leys me dildo her horny wet cunt
I slipped two fingers inside the waistband of her underwear peeling them off her, completely exposing her petite body.
She sat there with a little scared look as I gazed upon her magnificent figure. This petite little thing is eighteen years old, I thought to myself?

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We meet a couple of days later she says her college girlfriend os over and has agreeed to let e lick and suck her pussy whilst she makes me do it properly and to make her orgasms and wet her pussy.

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