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Hello reader, this is Dwayne. I would like to share my first sex encounter with my neighbour. So without having any delay, let me start the story.

This happened during the second wave in June this year. I was staying at home as work from home was going on. We stayed on the 1st floor of a two-storey building. At that time one decent family came to stay as tenants on the ground floor with their daughter.

I was present during their shifting, and then I saw Lucy for the first time. She was an average looking girl with nice eyes and smile. She also had eye-catching assets with a size of 34″28″34″. I thought it was a super figure for a college-going girl of age 19.


One day I was busy with my work and my mom went to her work. I usually read ISS and watch porn for mood setting. By watching porn my machine was a bit hard and I was rubbing that. During that time I got a call from mom to get something from outside.

So in a bad mood, I went out in my shorts with no inner. While going down, with staircase I saw Lucy coming from college and blushing. As I thought its a regular smile, I gave a smile and asked her about her day by standing there.

I had no idea that my dick was exposed to her from that shorts, and she blushed to see that. Post 1-2 minutes chit-chat I was leaving, but she stopped me and asked-

Lucy: Are you going out in these shorts? Better have a half pant and leave.

To reply to her I said: What’s wrong with these pants?


I was surprised to see that and blushed without saying any word. Then I left that place and came home. After that, I understood the reason for Madhu’s blushing.

We became close by exchanging our phone numbers and now we started chatting.

One night while chatting around 12, our chatting went lustfully.

Me: What’s up? Why are you awake till now? Don’t you have class tomorrow?

She( With a sad emoji): What’s the point of going to college? Same routine every day. It is boring me.

Then she replied: It’s ok. I'm going to sleep now.

I slept immediately after that. On the very next day, my mom went to her duty and I started my office around 11 wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I heard that someone is knocking on our grill and trying to open it. I went and was stunned by seeing that, it was Lucy. She came in with a black pyjama and a bit short t-shirt, and I could see her navel.

Then she started asking about my work and casual things. 1st I didn’t understand her intention and was in fear about yesterday’s chat. So I was answering whatever she was asking without saying anything. After a few moments, I got an office call and I started talking in that.


She was sitting next to me on my bed. I was on call, but in my head, my brain kept on asking that why she came here? And what was the point of this casual discussion? I observed that she was not able to sit in one place, and her eyeballs were moving here and there.

She kept on rubbing her palm with the bedsheet.  She came next to me and gave a single smooch on my cheek and was standing next to me. I was completely in pleasant surprise at what just happened. I looked at her and was able to feel some lust develop in her eyes. Then I asked her-

Me: What was that!

She replied: Simply.

My tool was getting harder slowly, and she was able to sense that with her eyes. Without having any other thought I stood and closed the main door immediately and came to her.

I grabbed her like anything and started kissing her. She joined me and kissed me wildly. As we were not good kissers, we exchanged our tongues and bit each other’s lips. After 3-7 minutes, I pushed her and was able to feel the heat between her legs. Then without any delay, she told me-

She: Fuck me!.

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I removed her top and stood there for one minute without a single word. Those were real big boobs in a blue laced bra. I sucked her boobs with the bra like a hungry lion and rubbed them harder. I could feel her moan and she was holding my hair by closing her eyes.

I removed her bra and sucked her nipples like anything. Those nipples were telling me to suck harder and harder.

After vigorous suckng and biting her nipples, I kissed her again and started going down. Before that, she pulled down my shorts and found my dick hard and stiff. It was 7 inches with 2 inches thick. She was not able to hold my cock in one hand.

Then she sucked it like a slut and I was feeling heavenly. She was rubbing and sucking it for 10 minutes, and asked me to suck her pussy now. I removed her panties and again stood for one minute without a single word. It was a red colour thong. I felt like she dressed up to seduce me, and get fucked by me harder.

Then I turned her and started kissing and biting her ass wall. It was a round bubble but and with a thong, she looked like a sex doll for me. I pinched and sucked it like a lollipop, and she was moaning with joy. Now it was time to remove the thong and after removing that, I could see her clean shaved pussy waiting for me.

I sucked and ate her pussy like anything. I was sucking it from all angles for 10-15 minutes with my tongue. She was already in another world.

Now it was time for bang-bang. I kept my status as away in the office and closed the laptop.

Then I put my cock slowly into her pussy, and all the time her eyes remained close.

I pumped her slowly and increased my speed. After 5 minutes, I gave some masterstrokes with all my power and kept on banging her pussy deeper. I saw it turned red after 10 minutes, and I was about to cum. Then I pulled out, and cleaned it with a towel and again put my dick into her.

She was enjoying it without saying a single word and mildly moaning. To stop her moaning I kept a bedsheet into her mouth.

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When I became slow, she grabbed my cock and started sucking it. I enjoyed that and was waiting for another round. Then she told me to fuck her in the ass, and I agreed to that.

I was barely able to push my cock into her ass as it was so tight. She asked me to push harder and make 10-15 strokes. I felt pain in my cock as it was so tight. Then I removed my dick and lick her ass for 5 minutes and came to her pussy.

I sucked it for another 5-10 minutes and got ready for the next round. But she told me that her pussy was sore. So I stopped there and asked her to wear clothes. She was not able to stand properly and I asked her to sit there for some time. Then she gave me her inners and went to her home without any bra and panty.

But I was in a sexy mood. I didn’t want to lose her at that point. So I made a sad face and asked her to leave. When she read my face, she came to me. Then she asked me that-

She: Do you want another round of bang-bang?

I nodded my head and she opened her tee without saying any second word. I sucked her hard nipple with biting and pinching another nipple. She moaned loud but controlled her voice. I was holding her, and her boobs are in front of me. Then I sucked them again harder for some time, and without any delay pushed her towards the wall. She was in a standing position now.

I sat by her knees and started sucking her pussy, and again she went crazy. I sucked all the liquid, fingered it, and again sucked it. Then I turned her and started biting her ass and licking her ass-hole. Then I stood up and lifted her, and put my cock in her pussy.

She kissed me and I started pumping in and out. After 15 minutes of drilling in the same position, we both tired and I again cum in the towel. She sucked my cock for some time, and after that, she cleaned herself with another towel. Then again she sat next to me for some time and when I saw the time, more than an hour was passed. Now she left and I closed the door.

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On the same day, at night she again messaged me. She told me to keep that lingerie with me and revealed, that on that day (on stairs) she saw my dick during our conversation. And from then she was dreaming of a dick in her pussy.

We kept doing sexting daily and banged occasionally, till I left for my workstation. I gave her some of the sexy gifts and a vibrator to her. She used to use that while having calls with me. Now she is having a boyfriend in her college, but she used to enjoy sex with me.

She is now my part-time slut and we keep doing video sex with the lingerie I gifted her, and she used to return them once I go there.


So in this way, I had my first sexual encounter. Do comment and share your thoughts in the below mail ID. If anyone wishes for sexting and casual encounter in Hyderabad only. Do contact me on:



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